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In 2010 he composes and performs the Piano Concerto op.15, with premier performance at the Juarez National Theater in Guanajuato (Mexico, accompanied by the local University Orchestra, directed by Jose Maria Melgar.

He will perform the same concert in 2013 as European premiere with the Philharmonic Banat of Timisoara (Romania), directed by Roberto De Maio.
Other compositions (also broadcasted in Italy on Rai Radio 2, particularly the Fantasy Sonata op.11 , the Lied op.8 , Studies for Piano Op.7 ... are frequently interpreted by professional performers all around the world who have also recorded them on CDs.


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icon   Studio n.10   icon   Meditazione 02   icon   Meditazione 03
icon   Meditazione 04   icon   Meditazione 05   icon   Meditazione 06
icon   Meditazione 07   icon   Lied op.8 intro   icon   Lied op.8 strofa
icon   Lied op.8 finale   icon   Metamorfosi   icon   Nascita
icon   Preludio op.14 n.1 primo tema   icon   Preludio op.14 n.1 secondo tema   icon   Preludio op.14 n.1 terzo tema
icon   Preludio op.14 n.2 finale   icon   Preludio op.14 n.2 primo tema   icon   Preludio op.14 n.2 secondo tema
icon   Ros'alba   icon   Sonata Fantasia op.11   icon   Valzer Triste


Leonardo Saraceni: composer and pianist

Leonardo Saracens began studying the piano at five years old.

He consolidates his artistic character, piano technique and compositional intuition under the guidance of the South American professor, Luigi Roig, who would guide him through a wide, cosmopolitan preparation.

He performs at eleven years his first solo concert.
He obtained the piano diploma as a private student in four years at the Conservatory " Luisa D' Annunzio " in Pescara.


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