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Through the ways of my heart

He combines the artistic activity with teaching and is in fact a professor of piano and harmony for the Faculty of Music at the University of Guanajuato (yearly master) and the State Conservatory of Celaya - Mexico, as well as Director for the Bachelor`s of Music through an international Convention for the Faculty of Music in Timisoara - Romania - and the European University of Music - Italy.

" ... There is no other music to compose ... every time I write, I realize that what I have written has already been written by others before me ... this is why every time I compose, I appeal to the emotions hidden in the depths of our soul ... there is still so much to write about them ... to discover ... and to tell ... “


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Leonardo Saraceni: composer and pianist

Leonardo Saracens began studying the piano at five years old.

He consolidates his artistic character, piano technique and compositional intuition under the guidance of the South American professor, Luigi Roig, who would guide him through a wide, cosmopolitan preparation.

He performs at eleven years his first solo concert.
He obtained the piano diploma as a private student in four years at the Conservatory " Luisa D' Annunzio " in Pescara.


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